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Important Signals Our Feet Are Telling Us

Important Signals Our Feet Are Telling Us

It is somewhat easier for an infection to our feet because of the enivornment they are in. 

If our feet were exposed to the air more like our hands are, we'd have less problems with them. 

Cuts, scrapes, and procedures on the foot expose us to the possibility of an infection. 

It's important to know that pain in an area where the skin is broken down, is a common sign of infection. 

Usually, the pain is associated with redness. If welling and drainage occur, the infection has becomre more serious. 

Simply putting an antibiotic cream or ointment on any open sore can go a long way towards avoiding a serious situation. 

Infections that happen after a procedure typically don't arise until day three. Pain that occurs before that is usually from the procedure. 

However, you should never hesitate to call us if you have a concern about an infection at any point after a procedure. 

Keeping a wound covered while wearing shoes is extremely important. Because shoes aren't washed, germs reside in them. 

That is why open sores in the foot are much more prone to infections than other parts of the body. 

Using an anti-germicidal spray in your shoes is something we recommend to help decrease the chances of becoming infected with a fungus, virus or bacteria. 

If you have diabetes it's even more important to keep your feet and shoes as germ-free as possible. 

A small scrape can lead to a major infection in people who are immunocompromised, such as diabetics. 

You might be able to ignore pain from a tendon problem, a bone injury, or joint condition, without serious consequences, but that might not be the case from infection. 

Immediate medical attention is necessary when an open sore becomes painful and red. 

We've unfortuantely seen terrifying infections from people who ignore the warning signs. 

We are here to serve anyone you graciously refer to us. 

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